Summer / Winter Camp 2017

Summer/Winter Camp:
To make vacations more productive and healthy GCCA offer 40 days Camp during Winter (October to December) and Summer (May to June). It is a beginners program especially designed for those aspirants who want to learn cricket by professionals.

 Must be more than 6 year of age.
 Coach should approve that candidate is physically ready to participate.
 Doctor’s Fitness Certificate is must at the time of admission.

40 days Morning and Evening Camp.
Winter : October to December
Summer: May to June

Expectations from Trainees:
We expect disciple and positive attitude. Trainees are required to develop and maintain a high level of commitment toward program.

Focus Area:
 Basic Understanding about cricket.
 Discipline and Basic etiquettes of Game.
 Development of Team Spirit.
 Developing Leadership Skills.
 Health and Diet.
 Building Stamina.

 About Cricket.
 Fitness and Starching.
 Basics of Batting and techniques.
 Basics of Bowling and various techniques.
 Basics of Fielding and Field Placement Strategies.
 Basic Rules and Regulations of Cricket.
 Session with Physiotherapist and Dietitian.

Daily Activity Chart:
100 Minutes of training during Morning and Evening Session content:
 15 Minutes Warm Up (Stretching and Throwing)
 45 Minutes Batting/Bowling Skill (Turf/Practice Nets)
 25 Minutes Fielding, running between wickets, games.
 10 Minutes Review and Next Day Planning.
 For more information: Call +91- 9584009996/9713366668

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