Residential Accommodation

Rooms available are furnished and offer many facilities including a kitchen, living rooms with TV and other facilities to enrich your lives.
It offers you a chance to enjoy your stay at one of the best, quiet & serene localities Bhilai has to offer -- located only minutes away from shopping, entertainment, and restaurants.

Our hostel facility is situated in the heart of the city with access to other amenities like fitness center, medical diagnostic center, 24- hour pharmacy, gym, convenience store, launderette, recreation center etc. All these facilities can be availed on payment of a nominal price to the respective agencies.
Students are provided with morning breakfast at 7 AM, lunch is served at 12 AM and dinner at 8:30 PM. For extra cost students can choice Non Vegetarian Food. It is being planned to offer a complete range of South & North Indian and other menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
• Kitchenette equipped with Microwave oven, Refrigerator
• Wi-fi
• 24 hr attendant
• AC
• Bike parking slots
• TV cable connection
• Laundry
• Daily housekeeping

For Term and Condition please contact GCCA administration for assistance