PGP (Professional Guidance Program) Annual Program

Professional Guidance Program:
It is a specialized program designed for the students planning to getting trained as a professional cricketer. Our primary motive is to promote skills, develop necessary trait, attitudes and knowledge that will create a real sportsman and a performer in the game of cricket.

 Completed fundamental training of cricket under Junior Apprentice or Summer/Winter Camp Program.
 Desire to be professional cricket player.
 Physically fit for rigorous training.
 Approved by the coach as fit for professional guidance program.

The whole module runs for Five and half months staring from mid of September to mid of February.

Expectations from Trainees:
We expect disciple and positive attitude. Trainees are required to develop and maintain a high level of commitment toward program.

Focus Area:
Apart from through training of various skill sets that cricket should know we focus on following aspect:
 Skill Development.
 Leadership Skill.
 Player Etiquette
 Nutrition and Healthy eating.
 Fitness and Exercise.
 Pressure Management.
 Building Stamina.

1. Back Foot Batting
2. Front Foot Batting
3. Fast and Spin Balling
4. Catching
5. Running Between the Wicket
6. Wicket Keeping
7. Ground Fielding
8. Throwing

1. Field Placement.
2. Batting Order Placement.
3. Bowling Order Placement.
4. Umpiring.
5. Basic Rules and current changes in Cricket.

Daily Activity Chart:

100 Minutes of training during Morning and Evening Session content:
 15 Minutes Warm Up (Stretching and Throwing)
 45 Minutes Batting/Bowling Skill (Turf/Practice Nets)
 25 Minutes Fielding, running between wickets, games.
 10 Minutes Review and Next Day Planning.

Video Analysis:
All the trainees enrolled under PGP shall go through Video Analysis. Video feeds are analysed by experts and suggest correction if necessary. We also maintain repository of such video feeds for future reference.

Tournament and Matches:
Inter School and Inter Club Tournaments are conducted on regular basis to give firsthand experience to the trainees. Such Tournaments are linked up with the activities like Talent Hunt, so that potential players could show their skills.
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