G. Chauhan Cricket Academy (GCCA) is one of the leading Cricket Training Academy founded in the year 1994 in memory of Former Ranji Veteran Late Govind Bhai Chauhan.

GCCA is the best Cricket Training institution of Central India endeavoring to bring local talents on the zenith of nation’s Cricket, by facilitating students with certified coaches and Former National & International Cricketers.

In 15 Acre training ground with gym, practice pitch, turf wicket and other necessary amenities, we engage our students with regular training & drills under the guidance of certified professional coaches. Our sole aim is to aid students with such standard of preparation which leads them to selection in trails conducted by respective state associations.

We create an ambiance of reverence for cricket and healthy environment where sport activities will mold our students spur them on to be the brightest and best. GCCA provides each aspirant with world class coaching, on field training, tips on diet and exercise by professionals etc. which is available only to the cricket apprentices of metropolitans.

Prominent national and international players visit our academy to share their experience and give tips to the trainees. Students interested in personalized training by eminent coaches and former players can opt for training modules specially designed for this purpose.

We have integrated fitness center along with professional coach, fitness trainers, dietitians, physiotherapist and video analysts. To develop a true sport man we focus on psychological grooming so that student will handle match pressure, build confidence, self-esteem & nurture team spirit.

With our holistic approach , we can help trainee’s to explore their hidden potential and inculcate them to find the possibilities of becoming a professional cricket player.